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I have my six-month golden doodle for sale. only looking for 500. I would like for the person to live in colorado since I have a payment plan for all her shots at her clinic and is willing to keep paying for it. you just would need to take her to the vet. I can give you her food, playpen, crate. she is not currently spayed but it is her time to be spayed so if you would like her not to be that's fine. really need to rehome her she is great I just don't have the time for her like I use to.
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Hello is the Female Goldendoodle still available how much is she, I promise to give her the perfect home, she will be fed life's Abundance dog food which is the best dog food on the Market, also we have a large fenced in backyard that is down a long road so that when we take her outside to use the bathroom she won't get hit by a car, also she will be played with and cuddled everyday I Will be at home with her all day everyday she will be treated as a member of the family and she will also be an emotional support animal to help me with my severe anxiety and severe depression, I will love and care for her for her entire life , May I ask you a question, I will be able to get her on July 31 because that is when I will have the money to get her, can you keep her on hold until then, I promise I won't bail out on you and I will keep you updated until then, I am willing to pay extra when I come to pick her up, I really really want her and I am willing to do anything to have her.
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Also here is my phone number so that you can text me, 252-336-8640, or you can give me your phone number so that I can text you, which ever way is fine.
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If she is still available, I don't know if I can compete with that last person. She made me nervous.
My husband just retired and we have so much time on our hands. We have a large 6'stockade fenced in backyard. We walk to the ocean everyday, rain or shine. We also have a 40ft rv and we travel to different state park locations to hike with our dogs. We would welcome her with love.
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