Dumbo Rats for Sale in San Francisco, California


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Dumbo Rat
Location: City
San Francisco
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Dumbo rats, very soft & tame, affectionate & friendly

Dumbo rats are special breeds that have big and round ears like "Dumbo" the Disney elephant!

They are very smart, similar intelligence to dogs!
You can also train them to do tricks!
(Please search in YouTube with keyword "How to train pet rat")
You can train them to stay on your shoulder or inside your pocket :)

Adoption fee / rehoming fee is $30 each or $50 for same-sex pair.
Variety of colors: solid blue, hooded blue, champagne, berkshire, dalmatian, siamese;
Variety of coat: standard, rex;
Variety of eye colors: black, ruby;
Depending upon availability.

They are ready to be adopted.

I may deliver to your home for some delivery fee depending on your location.

Please love these adorable pets if you decide to adopt. Not for snake food please!

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