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We are a small hobby breeder of Dumbo Rats. We have very few female breeders and we do not over-breed them so babies are only available every 1-2 months. All baby ratties are handled and socialized nearly every day. They get lots of play time outside of their cages and are taught to not bite fingers from a very young age. You can mix and match most babies when adopting them, we just listed them together in groups according to their color/. Rats are extremely smart animals, capable of learning a variety of tricks, just like a dog. They also learn to recognize their name at an early age, so its best to not change it once the name has been established. Rats are much friendlier and smarter than hamsters or gerbils, so they really do make excellent pets for children. We have mostly Dumbos and specialize in different color variations of Blues with silky Satin fur or very soft Rex fur. If you have any questions or would like to come over to meet our ratties and choose a baby, you're welcome to text or email us anytime. Please contact us first to verify which babies we still have available. At this time, here is what we have:

Brown Dumbo Self male - $10 - He is 12 weeks old and looking for his new forever home. He's very sweet and loves to cuddle on shoulders.

PEW Rex Dumbo female - $4 - Her name is Snowflake & she is a little over a year old. She will be retired once her current litter has been weaned. She's a very sweet shy girl and we are offering her for free with the adoption of one or more of her daughters.

Russian Blue Berkshire Dumbo female -
Russian Blue Berkshire Dumbo female (high white sides) -
Russian Blue Berkshire Rex Dumbo female - $10 each - They are 8 week old sisters. All three girls are calm and gentle little ratties.

We also have a new litter of mostly Black, Slate Blue, Russian Blue, Agouti Brown, and Hooded colors. This new litter of ratties were born last week so we will have several babies available for adoption in about 3 weeks or so.
Dumbo rats are $10 each, non-dumbos are $8 each, and we take $2 off each rat when more than one is adopted together :)

*Please Note*
We Do Not Ship our ratties, sorry. We provide discounts for multiple rat adoptions ($2 off each rat when more than one is adopted together). We prefer to adopt out our ratties in pairs or trios, although males can be purchased separately because most males do fine caged alone, as long as they get play time outside of their cage. Females are much more hyper and require not only a wheel, but also another rat companion to stay happy/healthy. In our experience, very few male rats like to run on a wheel, but the females LOVE to run. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or text me :)

Please only email or text, I have very limited minutes. Thank You :)


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I’m potentially interested in a baby dumbo rat for my daughter. Where are you located? She had a hamster for her entire lifespan and she just passed away. She is having a hard time with getting another animal of the same species and I know rats are even more social and fun pets.


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Hello, I am interested in adopting a few of your rats but I couldn't find your email or phone number anywhere. I have a 10 month old female rat whose cage mate recently passed away and needs some new companions. Is the PEW Rex Dumbo female and the Russian Blue Berkshire Rex Dumbo female still available? You can reply here or email me at [email protected].


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How do u email or text ?? I do not see any information
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