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Hello my name is Kayla and I am happy to join as new member of this website! I have a wonderful husband and two little boys we well as 4 fur children! We love taking our dogs swimming, playing ball, hunting, working on the farm and spending time together! We both own our own individual businesses and together we make our own awesome little empire! We have 2 labradors, 1 Chesapeake Bay Retreiver and 1 Chesador and now a new litter of 9 chesadors! They are so amazing! The litter turned out to be absolutely stunning! Our momma and daddy are so much alike, loving, compassionate, hard working, awesome hunters, protective of our family and children and have the best temperament in the world! We are a dynasty! Our house is full of love, laughter, praise, courage and most of all family and it wouldn’t be complete without our fur babies! Chesadors are amazing dogs, you get the best of both worlds when you breed the two! I do have to vacuum 20 times a day and brush our fur babies everyday but how would our home have any happiness to bright our Children’s day when they are waited with paws wide open when our kids come in from school everyday! Glad I could share my story!


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