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My name is Kate and I breed Catahoula Curs, otherwise known as Louisiana Leopard Dogs or Catahoula Leopard Dogs. I’m a stay at home mom so my family and I are almost constantly with the dogs. We have 5 catahoulas, 2 males and 3 females. We only have a litter around once a year.
Our dogs love to run, in fact, I train for races and marathons with my dogs on over 40 acres of property. Catahoulas have a high endurance and were listed by RunnersWorld.com as one of the best dogs for runners.

Catahoulas were actually meant for hunting, wild boar/hogs specifically. People have even used them in the past to hunt bears. They have a natural hunting instinct that requires little to no training. A catahoula hunts by tracking it’s prey and then surrounding it. Once prey is surrounded or cornered, the dog(s) will bark repeatedly until the hunter comes. The prey will stay in place because the dog is intimidating it. Usually Catahoulas will not attack the animal, they will wait for you! This instinct has led to many discoveries on our walks and runs. My dogs have found venomous snakes and warned me. They have also found baby animals (a nestling mockingbird that fell out of a nest). We usually have raised these baby animals and then released back to the wild.

Because of this natural instinct, Catahoulas do not generally get along with toy/small dogs or cats. They will sometimes corner small animals and do their barking, so training or seperation is required to avoid distressing smaller pets.

Catahoulas are large dogs, over 75lbs usually, with an athletic build. Males with often have more of the ‘boxy’ head look. Females are shorter with a more narrow/long head.

What makes me like the Catahoula? They are great single person dogs or family dogs, getting along wonderfully with children. They are very protective of their family and home. These dogs are multi-talented, meaning they make great hunting dogs, family dogs or even working dogs. They were bred for their working and hunting abilities through history. Due to that, every Catahoula’s look is unique. More-so than any other dog I’ve seen!

Catahoulas come in a multitude of unique colors and patterns, from the famous leopard print to solids. This makes it hard to have a breed standard, which is why the AKC does not recognize Catahoulas.

Like the eyes of huskies? Catahoulas take it a step further, with most having blue or double glass eyes. It’s not unusual for Catahoulas to have two different colored eyes, or even ‘cracked’ eyes ( one single eye is two different colors)!

Leopard dogs have an interesting history and are the state dog of Louisiana. It is believed they were what indians used for hunting and the current Catahoula is a mix of indian dogs and dogs brought to America. They are truly an American breed.

Catahoulas love swimming and will hop in the water any chance they get. They even have webbed feet! This helped them traverse the muddy swamps of Louisiana. Fetching items from the water comes almost naturally for these water loving dogs.

Why are our Catahoulas different? Most people simply don’t even know Catahoulas exist. Usually breeders are small town farmers who raise their dogs outside. If Catahoulas are bred irresponsibly, it can result in blind and deaf puppies. Most breeders will exterminate these puppies or sell them to buyers without even telling them the puppy has a hearing or sight issue.

We never produce blind or deaf puppies to begin with. Our dogs are a part of our family and are raised indoors with us and our children. They are introduced to water at a young age and socialized.

We, the breeder, are also the actual owner of the puppies’ parents.

Our puppies are seen by a real certified veterinarian. We feed our puppies Orijen large breed puppy formula and give new owners puppy packs with samples of this food. Wormings, first vaccinations, vet records and a North America Purebred Registry paper is included with each puppy.

Please visit us at www.buckshotcatahoulas.com for more pictures and info on the breed and our puppies. Instagram @runswithcatahoulas for daily photos.

Puppies are $650 and up to approved homes. We do not ship puppies. Thank you


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