Baby Bearded Dragon for Sale in Nashville, Tennessee


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Bearded Dragon
Tennessee - TN
Hello! I have a baby three month old baby bearded dragon for sell to a good home that's great for beginners! I've been quite busy with school and work and realized recently that I will be even busier with traveling this summer and might not be able to take care of him as much. Dragon comes with terrarium both light fixtures which is the heat lamp that includes both night and daytime bulbs for proper heat temperatures and a desert UVB lamp for nutrition and energy. Also includes water bowl, food bowl, repticalcium, cricket keeper, juvenile food pellets, extra light bulbs of each kind, nutrisand for when he is more mature, and some objects to climb on if he needs to. He loves to be handled and is very active and loves to eat lots of crickets! Altogether has a total value of around $400-$450 if everything is bought separate but will let him go for a good price to a great home!