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Bearded Dragons
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I have Baby Beardies looking for a home. Ages range from 1.5 - 2 months old. (two separate clutches)
As I got the father from a PetSmart, I am not sure of the exact genetics. However many of the babys were born showing red traits and are absolutely gorgeous when these colors flare. Many are Leather-Backs as momma is a leather and apparently, dad is het for leather. Dad is visual het Hypo with what I was told is a Citrus/Coral color pattern. Mom is het for Red.
I do my best to handle these guys as if they are my own pets so that when you get them, they are calm and well socialized. These guys know tongs mean food as I will hand/tong feed the ones that are more docile than their siblings.
Prices vary on color pattern and traits. They are healthy eaters and have been fed both crickets and dubia (my preference). The oldest of these have started eating greens regularly as well.
I am against shipping live animals. However, I will do my best to accommodate you, if you are interested in one of these lovely animals.

$75 for Leather with Citrus/Coral
$60 for Leather with normal Color (These actually tend to have more vibrant red markings down each side of the spine)
$60 for Normal Scale with Citrus/Coral
$50 for Normals



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