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Meet Chewy (boy) & Cookie (girl)! They are both Goldendoodles who share the same father, but had different mothers. Their litters were 1 week apart & Cookie is 1 week older than Chewy. They were born 10/18/19 & 10/25/19 so they are about 8 months old. I bought them in January when they were 6 weeks old.
They have been spayed/neutered, microchipped & are up to date on all their shots. I had them groomed a few weeks ago too so their coats will grow out for a while & then it will be up to you what you’d like their “look” to be. I purchased (2) XL dog crates for them & they will come with bowls, toys, etc. They have had flea/tick medicine & Heartgard monthly, & I will give you anything if I have some left.
I currently live in an apartment & work long days & realize they need a lot more attention & activity than I can give them. I thought my girlfriend, & the 3 kids we have between the 2 of us, would be active with them, but this has not been the case. They need long walks & trips to the dog park, or a gigantic yard. They are both extremely loving & affectionate.
If you are interested, I am asking a rehoming fee of $2,000 for both of them. This is how much I have invested in them & am just looking to get the funds back. They shouldn’t be split up since they are a bonded pair at this point. They love to play together. I would love for them to have a family who will give them their “furever” home.
Please feel free to contact me to discuss anything or to arrange a meeting. I can meet anywhere from Greensboro to Raleigh.


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