Adorable 1-Year-Old Parti Yorkie for Sale in Denver, Colorado


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Parti Yorkie
Mooji has an incredibly sweet and silly temperament and has been in a loving and peaceful home. He has been trained using only positive training methods. He is about 90 percent house trained, still occasionally having accidents but he's almost there. He is trained to go indoors in a special small apartment potty, but has also been reinforced to potty outdoors, so could be further trained to his new owners preference. He is a wonderful and adorable puppy and I'm heartbroken to give him up, but life circumstances have made it difficult for me to keep him.

He's a toy breed, just over 4 pounds with black/grey and brown spots. I have invested around $5000 in him since I got him last mother's day, including the purchase price from breeder of $2,500, a long-course of shots (had to be over many appointments due to his size), neutering, micro-chip, training and accessories and other misc vet care. These puppies are not easy to come by, as any local breeder only has a handful of them once or twice a year.


-Papers and registration from Breeder, Plum Creek Parti Yorkies

-Neuter Certificate

-Crate & adorable black & white Toile crate cover

-Black & White Striped Pet Messenger Bag

-Indoor “Potty Rink” with many washable pads

-Heartworm medication


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