Adopt Ferrets in Long Island, New York


SakuraLunars 2

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August 2018
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Long Island
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They are two female one year old ferrets, bonded. Caramel is light, Brownie is dark colored. They are very sweet and well-behaved! Have shots, healthy, and active! They come with a foldable cage, toys, large bag of food, two leashes and harnesses, shampoo, litter box, hammock, bed, water and food bowls, traveler crate, and their favorite tunnel to sleep in. I really spoiled these two lol.

I bought them, thinking they were the perfect pets for me and my life style. But unfortunately they aren't. I may settle for a cat instead, but for now I know I can't properly care for these ferrets. Message me if interested! They're ready for a new home asap! (Repost!)


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Hello, if they are still available please let me know. I also live in LI and has been looking to adopt a ferret or two for years.
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