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1 English Crest & 1 Abyssinian
Date Born
November 1, 2019
$100 each
Maryland - MD
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  • Breeds: 1 English Crest & 1 Abyssinian 💚💙
  • $100 each with accessories/cage
  • Bought in November 2019
Each gbaby gets you their cage and the food and all accessories they have with us now. Viking has a large double companion cage. Bear has a smaller standard cage. Bear very much so prefers smaller places, and Viking enjoys more room as long as he has the hideaway to go to time to time. Bear and Viking are 2 family members we have to sadly part with, and we want ONLY THE BEST home for them! I-MOM, am severely allergic to one of their main food favorites. I can not hold them anymore, and can not even be in the same room with my babies anymore (and I mean my g-fur babies, lol....without choking and feeling tightened in my chest. ) Bear is the tan color of one-English Crest. The longer-haired cutie is our Abyssinian baby. Both of them are TOTAL lovers and love to be social! However, they are not into being social with one another, lol. We have tried to continually cohabitate them and they will fight incredibly bad. We found this out when they were no larger than a kitchen sponge sharing a cage. They should be changed weekly-they prefer that from what we see. They came to our home from baby guineas in November 2019. They have NEVER bitten or been aggressive to us our kids no matter what. We always keep their areas clean and bathe them in the sink even and more. We take them to the vet regularly and spend one on one time with them. Even if it means sitting on our shoulders during folding laundry, these guys are there. I do not mind if they are a class pet, or to a single person, or even better a baby enthusiast...ALL I care about is that they are truly loved and taken care of. Not forgetting to feed them and cops called households. They have ever been around other fur babies-cats or dogs, etc. So please be mindful as to where you house them. They both absolutely LOVE cucumber and carrots the best. A close second is a broccoli. They are very easy to read and will play through the night-Viking more than Bear, and during the day rise at a brunch-time visit, lol. Cute and easy to maintain is what they are. I would love to send them to their new forever home sooner than later. It is getting harder each day knowing due to my allergy we have to say goodbye. Timothy Hay is their favorite hay as of now. Please do reach out for serious inquiries only, and I will be sure to get back to you ASAP! Ty you in advance for looking into our little members of the family! 💚💙

Odenton, MD
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