2 Chinchillas for Sale!!!


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One female grey chin and one male white chin
Maryland - MD
Two chinchillas looking for a loving and caring home. We got them as babies, but as people head off to college, we are unable to care for them and give them the much needed attention.😖 We are sad to see them go, but we know it is best for their well being. The grey one is female and named Lilo,and the white one is male and named Stitch. They are spayed/neutered. They will come with a large cage with wheels, and all of the left over bedding, food, and accessories. They are great with children and love to eat cheerios and raisins, along with other fruits. They acknowledge their names, and will climb on your shoulders for a treat reward. 😝 Also, if you have a screened in back porch, or other form of safe outdoor play, they enjoy that too. We are only asking for a re homing fee, to ensure you are serious about these little cuties.


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