1 Year Old, Female, Unique Blue & White Marked Purebred Russian Blue

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Russian Blue
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She is a year old. Very petite stature for her breed. She's playful, but keeps to herself a lot of the time. She plays hide and seek a lot as well. Won't sell her to a dog owner, since all of my felines cannot tolerate being around them. She would seem OKAY around children, although best kept away from an infant or newborn. She won't scratch you unless you hold her the incorrect way. She occasionally likes to be cuddled, but seems more of the run around playful type. Perfect for a home with people who will interact with her often. She loves attention and being groomed. She does not like being coddled and given too much attention though. She is very tame, and litterbox trained. She exhibits no parasites or sickness. It is up to the buyer's discretion as to what is the most appropriate for her involving children. She has excellent grooming habits, so hand bathing isn't going to have to be all the time for her. She definitely needs a scratch post and plenty of space to climb. Please privately message me for photos or videos regarding the animal so I can send you something current and up to date.
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