1. lisa_blackshear

    Texas Chiweenie for sale $125.00

    Male Chiweenie puppy for sale for $125.00. He's adorable and tiny and very originally colored. With the majority of his head and rear end black and his body mainly white. He's going to stay small. He's so sweet and playful.
  2. G

    Texas Putting my dog to sleep

    Hello all, my name is Dr. Jerrod Killian and I’m a retired U.S. Army Veterinarian. I’ve always loved dogs including my Golden Retriever Jesse that traveled the world with me. Having to let Jesse go due to chronic illness truly crushed me. We buried her next to the cabin my wife, three sons and I...
  3. D

    Texas Shorkies for Sale in Texas

    I have Shorkie puppies for sale. They are all female. I am asking $475 for each one. I am located in Texas. Please contact me if interested.