Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders for sale and adoption ads.

What are Sugar Gliders? Well, they're small animals that are about the size of a red squirrel. They're very popular as pets and are considered marsupials. The reason these small critters are so popular is because of the bonds they form with their owners. It's not uncommon for a Sugar Glider to spend hours and hours with their owner, sleeping on, climbing on, and simply being with them. Sugar Gliders climb on their owner's clothing and spend most of their time at night being active. They sleep during the day.

If you decide to purchase a Sugar Glider and if you'd like to have it bonded with you, you should purchase the Glider while it's young. It's quite easy to have it bond with you while at a young age. This bonding becomes more difficult as the Glider gets older. Sugar Gliders are quite unique in their own ways, but in general, they're affectionate, friendly, and seek attention. They're a lot of fun to be around and they're great to keep as pets, for both younger and older individuals. People oftentimes ask if Sugar Gliders bite. The answer to that question depends on how socialized it has been since it was a baby. The more it was handled and the more socialized it was, the friendlier it will be and the less prone to biting it will be as well. If the Sugar Glider wasn't socialized and if it's startled or annoyed, it may take a nip or two at you. These animals do have teeth though, so be careful how you treat them.

When it comes to buying and selling both adult and baby Sugar Gliders online, we have what you're looking for. This is a short list of different species and types you may find on our website for sale as well as in the wild not for sale: Squirrel, Mahogany, Northern, Yellow-Bellied, and Biak.
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