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Once you see the Munchkin cat in action, you'll likely decide that it's the cutest cat on the planet. It's not difficult to come to this conclusion because this breed has got very short legs, big eyes, and the most adorable face. And when it runs...well, let's just say your heart will melt.

This is a newer cat breed that's widely recognized by its short legs. Since the beginning, people have been calling this breed "Munchkin" because it reminds them of those who lived in Munchkin Country from the Wizard of Oz. The actual cause of this cat's short legs is a genetic mutation and much controversy has stemmed from the fact that the cat was recognized by The International Cat Association. Folks claimed that because of the mutation, this breed would have to deal with various health issues. Nonetheless, it is a recognized breed by some associations. Because of the controsersy though, others have chosen to avoid recognition.

As far as personality goes, the Munchkin cat is like many other breeds. It's lively, outgoing, friendly, intelligent, and enjoys being around humans. It's basically a good natured cat. If you research this breed and watch some videos of them playing, you'll quickly learn that the shortness of their legs doesn't inhibit them very much. It's suggested that the Munchkin has some difficulty jumping and that claim is somewhat accepted.

Munchkins behave very much like domestic cats do. Much between these two types of cats is similar and that's because of their constant mixing. Munchkins have similar bodies as well, minus the short legs. Their coats are very much alike, males weigh slightly more than females, and their hind legs are a bit taller than their fronts.

There's no consistent coat color (colors and patterns vary) for this breed of cat and they're available with both long and short fur. Interestingly enough, a Munchkin cat from California has been recognized as the shortest living cat in the world, standing at only five and a quarter inches tall.

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