British Shorthair

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British Shorthairs are really cool and very popular cats for many reasons. They're stout, compact, nearly perfectly balanced, and quite powerful. As far as their coats go, the fur is short and dense. If you look at a British Shorthair, you'll notice that nothing quite jumps out at you. They're proportioned well and things just seemt to fit in place.

Cat Breed Description: British Shorthair cats have got large heads and a solid appearance. Folks like to call this breed teddy bears because this cat is fluffy with a sturdy frame. Transitioning from being a kitten all the way to a fully grown adult takes about three years to complete. British Shorthairs are large cats and can weigh as much as 18 pounds when fully grown. If you look at a British Shorthair, you'll likely notice its full cheeks, which give the cat a wider appearance than many. Overall, this particular breed of cat is quite powerful and has got a distinctive balance to it. It's a broad chested breed that offers a thicker tail at the base than many other breeds do.

History of the Cat Breed: The British Shorthair cat breed is an old one. It stems back to Roman times in Britain. This breed was initially used to keep rats at bay, but after the Romans vacated Britain, the cats remained and was developed into those we love so much today. While the shorthair version of this cat is highly popular, the longhair is as well. To achieve this longer haired version, the shorthair cat was bred with the Persian. The British Blue shorthaired cat was recognized as a breed by the American Cat Association, The International Cat Association, and the Cat Fanciers Association in 1967, 1979, and 1980, respectively.

Cat Traits, Temperament, and Personality: If you're looking for a laid back cat that's easily adapted to its environment, the British Shorthair might be for you. This is a smart cat breed that learns very quickly. It's also a cat breed that's quite amiable when it comes to pets living in your home, including dogs and other cats. The British Shorthair doesn't love to be picked up and carried around, but is very friendly in so many other ways. They're not loud with their meows or cries and any overbearing behavior they may exhibit while young generally disappears after becoming an adult. These cats are wonderful companions and usually fit right into whatever circumstance they're introduced. And finally, The British Shorthair isn't a needy breed. You can leave these cats alone and they won't get separation anxiety.

Health and Grooming: The British Shorthair is a fairly hands off breed when it comes to grooming. There's nothing too out of the ordinary that needs to be considered in this regard. Basically, brush your cat at least once per week to remove any excess hair so the cat doesn't develop hairballs. Be particularly careful during the spring and fall when he sheds the most. Brush a few times per week during these seasons. Other than that, keep the cat's nails trimmed at regular intervals, clean the ears every so often, and bring the cat in for a dentistry or brush the cat's teeth yourself about once per week. That's about it. Enjoy the cat!