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Purebred Balinese kittens for sale. 8 weeks with papers. All colors. Good price.
Brooklyn · New York - NY ·
Beautiful loving Balinese blue point female cat for sale. She was born on April 23, 2017. She...
Calhoun · Illinois - IL ·
Balinese Kittens 2 males and 4 females 12 weeks 2nd round of shots dewormed Weight 2.0lbs...
Stevensville · Michigan - MI ·
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Dunroven Farms is pleased to offer 2 Balinese babies at this time for your consideration. We...
Newell · Iowa - IA ·
We are a TICA and CFA registered cattery. Our cats are registered Purebred Balinese with TICA...
Minneapolis · Minnesota - MN · 55429 ·
The Balinese cat is strong and muscular and has been described by some as svelte. It's a very distinctive looking cat in that it's got some unique colors as well as a very silky soft coat. It's lines and fur hide its muscular body well, but overall, this is one cat that can hold its own.

Cat Breed Description: There's a lot going on when it comes to Balinese Cats and Kittens. Not many folks can deny how outgoing, curious, friendly, incessant, smart, intense, and fiercely loyal this breed of cat is. In many ways, the Balinese is very similar to the Siamese. There are a few differences though. Namely, one of the most prominent differences is the long and silky coat of the Balinese. The Siamese has much shorter fur. Both, though, are very special and sophisticated cat breeds. Breeders aren't quite sure if the Balanise is a cross with the Siamese, but it's general consensus that it's not. The widely held belief is that the Balinese is a cat of its own and is actually a natural breed by itself. Although, there's no disputing the fact that both the Balinese and the Siamese hold many similarities with one another. Both cats are muscular, have wedge shaped heads, blue eyes, big ears, and various interesting colors. The Balinese weighs in at anywhere between five to nine pounds.

History of the Cat Breed: The Balinese cat breed originated in the United States and is thought to have spontaneously mutated from the Siamese cat breed. The primary difference between the two breeds is the length of the fur. The Balinese's fur is much longer than the Siamese's. And when it comes to genetics, the two cats are strikingly similar as well. Only one gene separates the two breeds. Whether or not there was ever a long haired Siamese is unknown, but breeders began taking advantage of this characteristic and registered the Balinese with the Cat Fanciers Federation.

Cat Traits, Temperament, and Personality: The Balinese lives and plays well with other household pets, such as dogs and cats, and even gets along with both kids and adults. This is a vocal cat breed that will tell you when he's around. He's definitely not as loud at this "talking" than the Siamese is, but he talks nonetheless. While this cat carries an appearance of importance and sophistication, it's actually a funny and playful sort. Goofy, if you will. This cat also loves to be around those he lives with and will keep you company if given the chance. It's fairly simple to train the Balinese to walk on a leash and do a few simple tricks. If you're looking into purchasing a Balinese cat or kitten, be sure you read up on the breed to prepare yourself for what you're in store for. You'll need the right and compatible personality to get along with this intelligent and outgoing pet.

Health and Grooming: The coat of the Balinese, although longer than most, won't mat due to it being only a single layer. Overall, this is a low maintenance long-haired cat as it pertains to grooming, with a good brushing only being necessary once or twice per week to avoid fur-balls and to distribute the natural oils in the cat's skin.

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