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September 6, 2019
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This is Star!
Star is awesome, and it’s been really hard to decide on whether or not to find her a better home.
With everything going on, and elearning as school now, we aren’t as active as we used to be, and poor Star doesn’t get out as much as she needs.
She is so weird and quirky, she’s almost like a cat-human. She has to have her morning poop, and jog before being crated up (if you go to work). I’m serious. She’s a human who has their morning coffee. Don’t keep her from her morning business before you leave in the morning.
Star is incredibly intelligent. She’s house trained and will run to the door and to you repeatedly to tell you she needs to potty. She talks/growls to you. Sits, lays, shakes.
She ABSOLUTELY has to go to someone who knows about Shibas. They are a stubborn unique breed. And she is in every way, her breed. She’s a bratty, smart mouth, cute as a button, melt your heart, pup.
Star hates getting her toes wet, she also hates the feel of grass, so sometimes you have to yell at her to get over it and go potty anyways.
However, unlike her breed, she LOVES to cuddle, she’ll sit in your lap all day if you’ll let her, and she’ll wash your feet too.
She does well with other dogs from what we’ve seen, and she loves kids and people.
Star is spayed and has all her shots, including her rabies. If you’re interested in her please contact me.


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