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My name is Angela Haley and I am wanting to start a hybrid wolf breeding business. The mother of these beautiful puppies is Maisie, she is a low content Wolf with Siberian Husky as her domain breed, she is 2 years old and this is her first litter. The father is Ice, and let me just say, he was one of the best well train wolf hybrids I have ever meet, his mother was an AKC white German shepherd and I do have a copy of the AKC papers, his father was a true arctic wolf that the owner kept from a puppy until he passed, which makes Ice 50% wolf. The puppies were born January 5th, 2020 all happy and healthy! We did have a little problem with the runt of the litter, the mother stepped on her hind leg and dislocated it :( she is seeing a vet regularly and is doing well on it (I am glad to offer updates on her). We have currently had all puppies available, we have 4 females and 3 males, two of the female take after their father and are all white with the light tan present, (comes from the artic wolf coat), the runt with the injured leg is one of the white ones. The other two females are copies I like to say, of the mother, they are white, grey, tan with a black strip down there back and they are also the two with the most playful character out of the litter. Two of the males are also white like the females but don't show as much tan like the females (puppies growing up have a very drastic change in coat color so whites could turn into tan and white of fully white, it just depends on the pup), the other male was a big surprise for us, he has the most husky look, and not even close to the mothers look, but he has the color and outlines of a black and white husky, we believe it came from a gene that hasn't been present for a long time, he also is one of the biggest puppies and LOVES his naps, I like to call him little fat lazy boy :) If you would like a puppy you can hold one before they are ready to leave for $200.00 which will be deducted out of the $1500.00, we can talk about shipping but it will cost depending on location and time, otherwise, feel free to come down a pick up your pup or if you would like you can meet your puppy before they go home with you. I will have their first vaccine done at my local vet (papers will be provided) and you as the owner are responsible for the next ones, as for deworming, I will be deworming them but I am not a vet so it will not be in the vets documents, and I highly recommend going to the vet and getting you puppy dewormed, better safe than sorry. They will be going home after their shots unless you would like your puppy earlier when they are six-eight weeks old, but you are responsible for the shots, they can come home to you starting March 2nd, they are getting their shots on that day. Feel free to text or call me, it is easier if you could text me first so we could set up a good time to talk on the phone, however, if you do call please leave me a voicemail, I am likely not to answer it at first, email works too, I check my email regularly throughout the day. Any other questions or photos please contact me, and I look forward to talking to you about your future baby.


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