Well Loved Standard Poodles for Sale in Waverly, Minnesota

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L.B. Poodles has standard

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Standard Poodle
Looking for a truly hypoallergenic, non-shedding puppy... ????

Poodles are the only breed with hair vs fur so they don't shed, and are hypoallergenic.

Standard poodles are one of a kind!

Raised with and excellent with children!!!!!

At 4-5 weeks we carry the whole litter (8) outside after meals and naps for potty training.

Born Christmas day - ready Valentine's week

We have both parents

Very, rare unique colors, amazing temperment socialized with small children and still rave reviews on the first litter even to homes without children.
Extremely well socialized!

Tails docked and wormed at 4 and 6 weeks

Total $850 with a $200 *NON*refundable deposit that goes towards the purchase price.

😀🐩💕🐩💕🐩 Minnesota

Find us at L B Poodles on Facebook


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