UKC/ABKC/ABR/BRCG American Bully Breeder in Washington State

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Washington - WA
Whether you are looking for a stunning UKC/ABKC/ABR registered show dog or just a fine quality family pet let us help you!
From show stopper to couch potato, a Rainier Bully puppy will make your family complete. Your puppy will come from an active dog show family and it is our goal to place level minded, well socialized puppies with amazing pedigree, stellar disposition and great health, an all around sound dog, into forever lasting homes.

Every family that welcomes a RBK puppy into their home leaves with the knowledge that we will always be there! We always help our owners. From boarding services, short and long term emergencies, vaccine administrations, toe nail trims and anything in between a puppy born here is a puppy always welcome home!

For pet home puppies, we request for proper growth and development that spay and neuter surgeries happen no earlier than 1yr old. I can provide veterinary documentation on why this is recommended.
We have puppies and adults available to pet homes, guardian homes and show homes

Cropping is not required it is owners personal preference. The UKC/ABKC/ABR/BRCG/IBKC accept BOTH cropped and uncropped ears.

Our goal at RBK is too place each puppy into its forever home with people who will love and cherish each living soul as we have, this is a passion for us first and a hobby second.

We understand that not everyone wants a shelter dog, not every family is a fit for a rescue, we at Rainier Bully Kennels believe above all else that there is nothing wrong with purchasing a pet from a REPUTABLE breeder.


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