Two Free Adorable 7 Month Old Kittens!

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Colorado - CO
We adopted two kittens, a brother and sister when they were about 5 days old. They are now about 7 months old and so cuddly and loving. They have all of their shots and have been spayed and neutered. They love other animals and people and purr so loudly. These need a forever home. No cost!!! We thought we had a home for the, Amd do not. Please reach out via text if you are interested. Thank you!
We are in Denver, CO

i can’t get photos to load.
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I'm interested ! Contact me with further information please, thanks.


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I want them please! I will take very good care of them and I live in Colorado too! Please reach out to me! My email is ***.


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Hey there, just got our house together and we are looking for a couple kitties. Hope there still available. Let me know.
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