Toy Poodle for Sale in Cary, North Carolina

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Toy Poodle
A bright and loving puppy looking for a new home

- Name: Milo
- Breed: Toy Poodle
- Date of Birth: December 9, 2019
- Gender: Male
- Size: Small
- Color: Brown/White
- Spayed/Neutered: No
- Microchipped: No
- Location: Cary, NC
- Adoption Price: $1,200

The name of our sweet boy is Milo (like the drink).
He is an 12 week old Toy Poodle who loves to play.

My family adopted the little buddy a week ago (Feb 8, 2020)
hoping that he would make good life-long friends with our older dog.
But she is a jelly one, so they aren't getting along well.
(Milo is very cheerful and likes to play while she likes to relax and cuddle)
Now they are giving too much stress to each other.

Sadly, we have to find a new family for our sweet boy Milo where
he can have all the attention just to himself.
We are looking for a family who is looking to adopt their first puppy.

Milo is a bright boy who loves to play with people and other puppies.
He does best with friendly and active dogs.
And Milo is a smart puppy, so he learns quickly and enjoys his training.
We trained her some commands including come when called, touch, sit, and wait (learning).
He is potty pad trained. He releases on potty pad most of the times but of course
he makes mistakes sometimes as he still is a baby.
We are training him to walk on the leash, and he is doing pretty great.

He is very healthy (last vet visit: Feb 17th) and vaccinated up to date.

We are sad to let him go, but we want him to find a family who can make
him feel he is the happiest dog in the world.
If your family is looking for a smart, loving puppy, Milo is your boy.
If you think you are that family, please message/reply me here or shoot me an email.


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