Tooki the Turquoise Conure


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Turquoise Cheek Conure
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Jan 2018
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Tooki is an adorable Turquoise conure. He is sweet and cuddly. I am rehoming him since he is starting to become jealous of the other birds in our house. He likes grabbing all the attention and doesn't like seeing us with other birds. We cannot provide him the single bird household he desperately wants. So we are looking for a new human companion for him. He is hand fed trained. Also birdie diaper trained when taken outside. He loves going out and playing with toys. Once you get to know him he is a great bird. He needs a minimum of 3 hours daily of interaction/ out time. He will come with his birdie diaper. You have to provide housing for him. We adopted him for $400 but I am rehoming him for $225. You will get an amazing companion.

I will not do a trial period with Tooki. He is not a rental.

Serious Inquiries Only

Thank you!


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