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One female and two males, all fixed and de-scented. All three of these ferrets have been together for pretty much their whole lives, two of them are siblings, so all three must go to the same owner, non-negotiable. The sibling pair are 2 yrs old and the additional male is around 3 yrs old. All three ferrets are friendly and do not bite. Ferrets come with full set up: two-story Ferret Nation cage, food, litter, and whatever ferret accessories you'd like. Ferrets are up to date on all vaccinations and just had check up by vet.

Rehoming fee is $350 for all three ferrets, cage, and any and all ferret accessories you'd like out of my collection.

We are having to re-home these ferrets due to lack of time to spend with them, please really think about the impact of having ferrets before you contact me. The recommendation for ferrets is that they have at least FOUR hours outside of their cage PER DAY and that at least TWO of those are spent with their owners. The cage has to be cleaned regularly and their nails have to be trimmed. All three ferrets are de-scented but please know that ferrets like to be musky, so some odor will be unavoidable. We have never been able to let these ferrets free roam our house and while they use a litter box on their own, ferrets have a tendency to use the restroom at the nearest corner, so bear that in mind if you'd like them to free roam your house.

Those who are interested please contact, we do ask that you come and meet the ferrets- we will not let these ferrets go without watching you interact with them. We reserve the right to refuse selling these ferrets to anyone whom we don't see as fit.

Thank you for your time!
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