The Sweetest Kitten in the World - "Felix"!

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Aug 8, 2019
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Scottish Straight (British blood line)
North Carolina - NC
Please meet another gorgeous creation of the litter with absolutely stunning red marble color: "Felix"! He is ready for his new family. If you like the personality and the looks one of the most famous character "Garfield", you are gonna love this one! This kitten is a very gentle, playful, but really calm boy, overall - a sweetheart! He likes to be pet and cuddled all the time and he is always looking for your attention, love to sit on your lap with loud purring and “kissing” your hands!

Both his parents have great pedigrees of Champions' blood, registered in TICA and CFA associations and already have received titles of Champions themselves. Her father is announced by TICA as the Best Red Spotted Scottish Straight cat of the show season 2019 in Southeast Region and the Second Best in the world for 2019!!

All our kittens are born from Scottish fold and Scottish Straight cats with a blood line of the British Shorthair breed, but this litter is result of breeding two parents of Scottish Straight for getting better quality kittens for the breeding with Scottish Fold cats.

Our kittens getting lots of attention from all our big family and they are very friendly to people, adaptive to other animals in the house (read about this breed at our website: with incredible sweet personalities!

We have the purebred kittens of Scottish Fold/Straight of British type with rare and absolutely beautiful colors: Solid Chocolate, Chocolate Spotted; Tabby Spotted and Classic Red, Tortie, Solid Blue, Blue and Cream Spotted, Solid White and Silver! All kittens will have gold/copper eyes, some of them born with long hair (Highland Fold/Straight), but mostly short hair kittens.

Look for the available kittens on our website:

All kittens are well socialized, get really well with people and other animals in the household, very sweet, love to be pet and cuddled, great companions - they will follow you everywhere in the house! Some of them are very playful, some of them are really calm (would sleep on your lap all the time!) - we'll help you to choose the right one for you! Range of the price will depend on the kitten and your goals. The cost for the shipment is not included in the price, but in USA, to any state, by air it will be $250+ and Pet Travel Carrier from $30.00-50.00 (and kitten can be shipped, if the weather temperature is below 80 F). Also we offer delivery door to door, but the rates for this service will depend on the distance. For more information please contact (text or call) Maria at (919)609-5106.


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