Super Cute $ Smart Blue Heeler for Sale in Ionia, Michigan


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Australian Blue Heeler
Michigan - MI
This is Sven, (He responds to his name very well). He is 8 months old and not neutered. He loves to run and I take him jogging with me regularly. We have 10 acres of woods and he loves to run back there. He also loves to wrestle and play. He is very clever and so damn cute! He has a beautiful double coat with great markings. He is crate trained. We keep his crate in the garage and he sleeps there overnight with lots of blankets and a crate cover to keep warm which isn’t hard considering he has the double coat. Our garage is also heated. He has awful gas if you don’t regulate his! We feed him a measured amount twice daily and that pretty much cured it. He is very loyal to his family but defensive around strangers and other dogs which comes with the breed. We have two young children and he plays with them all the time. This brings me to our issue. Since he is a healer it’s his natural instinct to heard. He is constantly knocking over the little ones and although there haven’t been any serious falls, we feel he’s just a bit too rough. We are expecting another child soon and feel that we won’t be able to give him the attention he needs to develop properly. He has made all of us smile daily and we hope to find a home that he can also do this for.



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