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Welcome, My fellow husky lovers! My name is Addy. I am a hardcore dog lover, especially the Siberian Husky breed. I have always been obsessed with learning about breeds and training dogs as a child. My passion for dogs has only increased. I am a Chicago Firefighter and United States Marine. I met my beautiful wife, also a United States Marine, and thankfully she was just as in love with dogs as I was!

She is a stay at home dog mommy. We became dog breeders because we knew our expertise and ethical dog breeding practices would result in the best family pet for you. Through our own personal puppy buying experiences in our lives, we have encountered many breeders who did not provide the best care for their puppies which ultimately resulted in health issues or lack of socialization. We knew we could change that! We have always loved to take on challenges that is why we chose to join the most difficult and respected branch in the armed forces, The Marine Corps. Hence, it only made sense for us to have what is considered to be one of the most challenging dog breeds to own, The Siberian Husky! After our first Siberian Husky, we fell madly in love with the breed, so much that we have a pack of our own now.

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