Serbian Rottweiler Puppy for Sale in Griswold, Connecticut


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This gorgeous girl is a 5 1/2 month old Serbian Rottweiler. She weighs 55-60lbs and has all her shots. She is very energetic and smart. She’s been raised around a toddler and cat and socialized with dogs on a frequent basis. She has an prestigious pedigree. Her dad is imported from Serbia along with grandmother ( dam side). She has a world champion in her linage as well ( her great grandfather dad side is World Champion Tito Earl Antonius) her mother’s side is also quite impressive. The right person stands to have an wonderful dog to raise. She would be amazing at sent, bite work, agility, or dock diving. She cost me a several grand but if interested message me. She is not fixed. She has beautiful movement and is an all around goof ball. She is very sweet and extremely friendly and thinks she’s a lap dog. She knows lots of tricks and fully house trained along with crate trained ( crate not included). She rings a bell to go outside (bell included). I will try to find the pics of her mom and title but I have on hand the pics of her father and title so if you want more information message me. Her father is a young champion of Serbia and IPO1 titled. We are selling her due to her energy. She would do best with a home with other dogs and someone who has time to trainer her to her full potential. We can’t offer her what she needs. Recently life has been absolutely insane due to unforeseen circumstances and it’s not going to calm down anytime soon so it’s not fair to her. I don’t home any animals to ppl with small children mainly due to the fact they allow their children to to do whatever they want to animals without stopping them, along with the lack of time parents usually have to offer with young children. She wants to be with her humans 24/7 ( she does NOT have separation anxiety she’s just a rottie) if she can and she loves meeting new ppl and car rides. I’ve put a lot of time into her but can’t offer her what she needs right now. I will only sell her to someone that has experience with these type of breed. Serious ppl only.






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Good looking dog. You say you have her lineage papers? She is not spayed?
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