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Oct 26, 2019
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My mother and I co-own two AKC registered Standard Poodles. From time-to-time we have puppies and make them available for sale. They receive 1-2 vaccinations depending on how early they are rehomed and multiple dewormings. We get their tails docked and declaws removed with a Vet and register the litters through the American Kennel Club to allow them to be registered as individual dogs.

My mother works in disaster recovery and I am presently a grad student working toward an MBA. We have always owned dogs but have never bred them consistently as a commerce business. If and when our dogs have had puppies we provide as much vet care is needed and seek to rehome them in a timely fashion. We previously own registered Miniature Pinschers who were also registered and may have sold about 3 litters over the course of 10 years or so.

My mother grew up with large dogs as her father owned Doberman Pinschers and occasionally allowed his registered dogs to have litters, etc. But none of us were ever formal kennels made for profit. Everyone sort of picks the dog breed that they enjoy, chooses to buy registered dogs, so that if they do procreate from time-to-time their litters are registerable.

Our dogs have their own shed in the backyard with a modified doggy door for shelter from the rain or when it is cold but spend most of their time on the patio furniture. WE also have a large and high, and covered dog kennel for the puppies when they begin to roam and are separated from the mother. It is them attached to two 8-panel dog pins/corals to allow them space to move freely until they are rehomed.

My mother wanted these poodles. I can say she has invested a substantial amount of money to modify the yard for their comfort, etc. I do a lot fo the caring for them. They are family pets. We don’t put them in shows or competitions because we are both involved in other personal endeavors at the moment, but the honest truth is that our Sire whose name is Handsome Tuxedo has immense show potential.

Both of the dogs were purchased as adults in an owner transfer and we were told that they had been a bonded pair and had had a litter before we assumed ownership. The Dam is called Savannah Blue Ellison.

Thank you for reading.
Nov 17, 2019
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Do you have any puppies or adults for sale? My Mother also bred and groomed standards until she retired. We were younger then and she taught us how to groom. The best cut I do is the puppy cut. Needless to say, we all end up with too much on our plates. Its funny because our Dad bred Dobie's for awhile. My husband has congestive heart failure and can no longer do construction work. He also has diabetes. He is not big on exercising now because he doesn't feel well. His doctors told him to exercise or he will have a early death. We have always had standards, our last pair passed, his 2013 at14yrs and mine 2015 almost 16yrs old (on my birthday ). He hasn't been the same since. I figured a new pup or adult standard would do the trick with him exercising. So I am looking for the right one.Four zero one nine nine nine seven zero six zero. At one time we walked our dogs 3xs a day, but I think 2 is enough. We have a large fenced in backyard. If you have any puppies or adults available and are reasonably please let me know.
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