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Hi, I am Gee-Gee and I currently have 2 male poodles available. They are 10 weeks old and are fully vetted.
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The poodles are all a cream color with very soft and thick fur. Here are some pics.


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Wow 😮 their beautiful... I got overwhelmed lol their big. It’s for my girlfriend she needs a companion furry friend and the doctor wrote letter for apartment approval to have a dog/her need to have one. They look so loving and fun. Are you independent or are they in like a rescue shelter sort of environment? Asking to know how one would go about taking one of them.


Thanks. My daughter has one from the previous litter as a therapy dog, while in an apartment and it has helped her so much! The parents are in my home, as my pets, and the litter is raised by me and my son. They have a lot of room to eat, sleep and play....besides going outside in the fenced yard a lot. I live in Depew, NY 14043 and you could simply come to my home to pick one of them to take home to your girlfriend!


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What are your puppies mixed with? How much? Do you still have them? I live in Virginia and used to live in Depew. My daughter still lives in the area.


Hi Pam,. My puppies are purebred Standard Poodles bred from AKC parents. Sorry the last one was rehomed two days ago. I plan on another litter in January if you want to be on the waiting list.


New litter born on March 1, 2020 to AKC Standard Poodle parents that are pets in my home!! All puppies are various shades of light cream. They will be ready for adoption by May 1st and will have vaccinations, de-worming and receive health certificate from vet. I am located in Depew NY 14043 and more pics can be seen in Hoobly site. The mom has "limited" registration, therefore the puppies will NOT be registered with AKC. They will be very well paper-trained and work on being housebroken.
Wondering if you have any females still available? We have a neutered male standard and would love to add to our family. We live on farmette with fenced meadows. And how much are you asking?
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