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Apr 11, 2019
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My big fat orange cat has been acting out for the past few weeks, biting a little more than usual and clawing and scratching things he knows he's not supposed to. We thought about the situation and decided that he was bored. Because of this, we looked around online a bit and found something we thought he'd like. Since we have about five bird feeders hanging at the back of our house, we thought that our cat would like to watch the birds to stay busy during the day. A cat tree would be a perfect place for him to sit. And since I wanted him up there nice and high, a 72 inch tree would be the best! He used to watch the birds from the floor, but a cat tree would make his life better; I was sure of it.

Anyway, the tree we purchased was a Frisco 72 inch cat tree with a large base in cream from I got it for around $64. I believe this cat tree also comes in brown, but we already have enough brown in the house. This one in cream is really nice and it brightens things up. The tree is very sturdy and quite high quality. I was actually surprised at the quality.

Our cat has been addicted to this thing since I moved it to sit in front of the glass door yesterday morning. He didn't pay much attention to it when it was in the middle of the room, but when it began serving a purpose, he jumped right up there and began watching birds like it was nobody's business. He also played the hanging toys a lot, which was fun to watch.

Here are some photos of our cat on the Frisco cat tree.






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