My Cat is Beating Up My Pitbull


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Jan 23, 2020
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Here's a problem for you. Please let me know if you've ever experienced anything like this and, if so, what you did about it. I currently own two cats. Their names are Meredith and Nancy (I know). I've owned them for approximately six years. About three years ago, I adopted a Pitbull. Now, just to let you know, I've owned Pitbulls before, so I have lots of experience with them. I've had two in the past 20 years.

At first, my new Pitbull (Siddy) was looking at my cats in an odd way. I was slightly concerned with this because I didn't really know the dog yet. The cats were shy around the dog. I kept an eye on him to make sure he behaved. Well, as it turns out, about a year later, the cats have apparently come out of their shells because they beat the hell out of the dog every chance they get. Siddy does nothing in return and he's a perfect angel. The cats hide around the house and when Sid walks by, they jump out and scare him. They'll try anything to get a reaction. The dog is good though and absolutely refuses to take the bait. Again, he's behaved very well so far. When the cats beat him up, he'll come to me to "tell on them." It's actually pretty pathetic.

I thought Pitbulls were so dangerous. Not in this case! It's my cats that are dangerous. Has anyone else every experienced something like this? Has your cat ever stalked and attacked your dog? It's crazy to watch and I'd like it to stop. If I could just figure out a way. My Pitbull is about 80 pounds and looks intimidating, so I really don't know what's going through the cats' heads.
My Cat is Beating Up My Pitbull was posted on 01-23-2020 by WendyMay in the Conversation, Questions & Answers forum.

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