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August 28, 2019
Los Angeles
California - CA
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Age: 6 months

Color: Cream with golden ears

Hair Type: the cutest crimpy hair texture that is so fluffy!

Size: 8 lbs

Instagram: cashew_themaltipoo

Vaccinations: up-to-date on all puppy shots and vaccinations

Personality: She is a sweet, loving and energetic puppy who loves long walks and playing with other dogs! She loves everyone shecomes in contact with and is ultimately just a really happy puppy all around.

I've been her owner for 4 months and I've recently found myself in an unfortunate situation where I am no longer able to give her my full attention and time that she deserves do to changes in work and hours. I am dedicated to finding her a new home with the RIGHT fit for her! Please contact me for more information if you have flexible work hours or have the luxury of working from home and find yourself wanting an adorable companion!


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Hi. I am wondering if your puppy is still available for adoption? We are a couple that have grown children and now out if the home and are now on our own, looking for a sweet puppy to add to our home. We have a lot to give to a dog and yours looks and sounds adorable. Please let us know if she’s still available. Thank you.
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