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May 27, 2021
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Jun 14, 2020
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Germanshepherd rehome!
Beautiful 12month old female german shepherd Jazmine. Has all of her shots up to date and vet appointments. Well behaved,energetic, house potty trained. She loves people and other dogs has never bitten anyone or any other animal. Loves attention and cuddling you to death. I have to rehome my loving dog and can not care for my dogs’ needs anymore. Moved to a apartment that doesn't allow this breed. She can be trained to be a service dog animal her behavior is great! Comes with all of her supplies that I currently have for her minus the crate she’ll need an XL crate, heart worm meds for this month, and her nails trimmed at the groomers monthly. Shes due to the vet next April2022 and can have heartworm and flea tick treatments monthly to keep her healthy. She loves to chew bones. She loves to go to dog parks and socialize with others there on the weekends and play for 2hrs at least straight a day. Needs to be trained to be well off if you ate busy or can get someone to look after her when you are away. She loves to be social and cant go a whole day without tending to her needs. She’ll need someone who works from home or has time to spare and someone who can tend to her eveyday she bonds strongly and loves to be touched. I moved because I was having to live with strangers and my ex boyfriend saved me... She was raised by me since 2 months when I got her from a hostage situation last august2020. I needed to leave my abuser but couldn’t leave Jazzie with someone who wouldn’t care for her. I’ve been homeless with her until my boyfriend saved me this month like I said. She has been raised around different situations and can adapt to her surroundings. As long as shes not left alone for more then 8hrs shes use to being with someone 24/7. You will need to pay for a trainer she will excell with more training. I’m asking for $4,000 because thats how much it was to get her and I need help for my expenses as ive been displaced from a very abusive cult family from utah that made a false charge on me and I need money for a lawyer this year as well and for dog training school too. Jazzie has been my unconditional love and my family and I look forward to making a new life with my boyfriend and unfortunately Jazmine needs a new home asap By August21. If you cant do the price I’ll consider the next best offer its a first come first serve basis.
If you have a job and are stable in your life she will be a great addition to your family and provide you with more love at the end of the day. She is a wanted dog as it is everywhere she goes people want her and I know that she will get a home here shortly where she can have a longterm stable home she deserves. Have a great day for serious inquiries my number you can message me for that!
Jazmine - Your Corona Companion German Shepherd was posted on 07-21-2021 by Noelljohnson in the German Shepherd forum.


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