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Maine Coon
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May 20, 2020
New York
New York - NY
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Janmar, male - color d03. Janmar is playful, which is typical for kittens at this age. Janmar grows among adult cats. He is not afraid of extraneous sounds, knows dogs from birth. Available for breeding and pet. Janmar knows the place for the toilet. Our cattery is located in Ukraine, is registered in the international WCF system and has a certificate for the implementation of its activities.

We can shipping to any country in the world. We have experience in shipping cargo and couriers to the USA.

Please check our website for the full list: my-cattery.com

We accept many transfers, including PayPal.

Please send all questions in a personal message, email [email protected] or WhatsApp +380990610301.

Note! We want a safe and respected home for our kittens. Accordingly, we do not respond to any requests that do not give us the impression of being trustworthy. This includes emails without a greeting, name, or reasonably reasonable text. I think anyone who cares about their animals can understand this.

Shipping by plane to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago. It is also possible to shipping to any state by car by our courier.



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