Jack Russell Terrier/Maltese Mix Puppies for Sale


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Jack Russell Terrier x Maltese

I am selling Jack Russell Terrier x Maltese Puppies, the top two are sisters Athena and Pepper. Athena (the first one) is small and highly energetic, she needs a high energy household with a lot of patience, but these pups are really intelligent and can be taught anything quickly. She is white cream color and has short hair for now, she might have medium hair amount later on. Pepper the second Pup is the sweetest of the litter and my personal favorite. She is all white and has a cute sad puppy face, she is very loving and affectionate, she will require a home that will give her just as much love as she will give. The last puppy for this post is Lassie, she is a bit shy and cowardly, but when she's comfortable her playful side comes out. She is the half-sibling of the others and is a Jack Russell Terrier x Chihuahua mix, she is white with black spots and brown cute little eyebrows. Of course these names are all temporary nicknames I have for them you can change and register them with a different name, all of them have been dewormed vaccinated and passed the physical exam. They will also take their favorite toys to their new forever homes. Pepper and Athena are $300 each and Lassie is $200. Please look at my profile for more info!


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Update: They have also been Vaccinated!


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Update: Pepper has been sold to a wonderful home! Athena and Lassie are still available.


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Hey I know this is a old add, The Jack Russell/ Maltese puppies were sold already. I live in Fort Lauderdale and was wondering if you plan on breeding the Jack Russell and Maltese again? I’m truly trying to find a Jack Russell/Maltese mix puppy to adopt.
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