How Can I Find Out Where a Member/Advertiser is Located?


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Apr 13, 2019
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I see that a member wrote a post in the New Member Introductions forum. They are breeders of a particular dog breed that I like a lot. They didn't include any information on where they are located though, so I was wondering if I could find that out any other way.


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Apr 11, 2019
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This is a great question. When it comes to advertising pets, it's critical to know whether you're going to be driving to pick up your next best friend or having it delivered to you another way. Simply put, you need to know where the pet and advertiser are located.

There are a few different methods for finding out where a member is geographically located. When someone registers for a new account, we have a field that we ask them to fill in that captures their location. Now, we can't control what someone actually types in that field, so it may not always be accurate. Most of the time though, registering members will type in their city and state.

If you roll over a member's avatar with your mouse at any time, a small pop-up will appear. If the member included their location, it will show in the pop-up. Take a look at this random member I just chose about 30 seconds ago.


Do you see how to pop-up stems from rolling my mouse over their avatar? You can see that this member is located in Thomasville, Georgia. If I were to click on their username that's located inside of this pop-up, I'll be brought to their member page, where the same information is located. Take a look at this same member's page.


It really depends on what people type in when they register, but this is a first good place to look. If this doesn't work, simply type them a response to their post asking them where they live. They will then have the opportunity to write back and answer your question.
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