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Gythel's Grove is a Holistic Healing center that specializes in animal-assisted healing and spiritual wellness. We breed and train pit bulls and Golden Saints as working dogs to become what the adopter needs in a service companion.

I have a litter of 7 American Pit Bull Terriers all boys looking for their forever families, so if you are interested in adopting one let me know so we can set up your training package today.
All of our pups will be at least 12 weeks old before going to their new family. This is so that the pups can receive the proper training to make you and your family happy for the lifetime of the dog.
We offer training packages to suit yours and your family needs which include obedience, house training, search and rescue, protection, and therapy. If there’s something special you want your dog to do or not to do please let us know, we can help! Prices begin at $800 for pet quality training which includes, potty training, sit, come, leave it, stay, down, leash training, and crate training. Prices go up from there depending on the level of training you wish for your dog to receive. Puppies will be fully vetted and microchipped. All adopters are asked to sign a return at the adopter’s expense contract stating that the pup will be returned to Gythel's Grove if the adopter cannot care for the pup at any stage of its life.
Additionally, Gythel’s Grove pups come with free lifetime training consultations and discounted additional training or refresher courses.
We do offer 20 percent discounts for first responders and veterans.
Willing to meet or deliver for additional charges.


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