Gorgeous 2 Year Old Bluenose Pitt

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Blue Nose Pitbull
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April 17, 2019
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Unfortunately I have to sell my gorgeous 2 year old full blooded American Bluenose Terrier “Blu Hussle”. He’s absolutely a family dog he loves children very well behaved but, has massive amounts of energy. He definitely needs a yard, he has all his shots he is not spaded because he is a certified purple ribbon dog so he is meant to be a “STUD” when I purchased him as a baby. His blood line is Devils Den & Tasmanian Devil. Usual sale of his type of puppies would be $2,500-$5,000 per pup. But I’m willing to sell him for $1,000 price is negotiable. His major ticks are Cats, Virtual doorbells and guest knocking at the door, he’ll begin barking and howling...He loves other dogs he’s extremely social and playful. He doesn’t like baths but will take one without a problem. He is prone to ear infections like all pit bulls usually in the winter time. He’s trained for the usual commands sit, lay down, stay, be quiet, shake, up & speak. Very strong, loyal, smart dog loves Rachel Ray Beef brand hard food but it has to be mixed with wet food or he won’t eat. Other than that he’s never bitten anyone or any animals he’s a gorgeous great dog ready for a new family. Anyone interested just message me!

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