German Shepherd Breeder in Barberton, Ohio

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Located in NE Ohio

I strive to produce and maintain versatile German Shepherd Dogs (German bloodlines) which can work in various areas while maintaining excellent temperament and health. All of my dogs are titled before breeding as well as having their 'a' stamp and/or OFA certifications. While not breeding often, I put a great deal of time and effort into planning each one of my litters. As any good breeder will tell you that the females are the backbone to a good breeding program.

I am very fortunate to have started with an outstanding foundation female and have kept a female puppy back for myself with each generation that I breed. I am very proud of my females, what they have accomplished and most importantly what they have produced. I am currently working a female from my K litter, which is a 4th generation vom Haus Weinbrand female. I look forward to continuing to work with her, as well as the next generation in the future!

I am also on my 5th generation of raw fed and naturally reared female line! All of my pups are raw fed and naturally reared! I am a big believer in natural rearing and try to treat my dogs/puppies as naturally as possible. I am very proud of having several generations of naturally reared females and litters!

My puppies are raised in the house with my family/kids, they are extremely well socialized and thoroughly tested and evaluated while they are here with us.

My puppies are well suited prospects for SchH/IGP, Search and Rescue, Police K9 work, performance venues as well as active companions.
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