F1B Labradoodle Puppies for Sale in Viola, Idaho

Storytime Doodles

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F1b Labradoodle
Here are our three available puppies! 8 weeks old on January 25th. Have all received their first full vet checkups, first vaccines, and dewormer. All are litter box trained, and have spent the last 8 weeks training under “Puppy culture” training. They will go home with enough food to transfer to your chosen food, a going home bag with vaccine records and bringing puppy home basics folder, a blanket that smells like mom and littermates to ease anxiety, some kong toy stuffing samples, a handmade puppy bandana, and a lifetime of support!



Caspian is our little charmer. He is the pick of the litter for so many reasons! This handsome, extra curly pup is so eager to please. He wants to be where the people are, and once there; behaves so well he just melts your heart. He likes adventure and we would love for him to go to a home where he could be taken on trips and be apart of your daily life! $850

storytime doodles

What a doll this petite thing is! She loves to cuddle and cling to your arms like a teddy bear. She is our smallest of the litter (but not a runt), and loves to play! She will likely be either her moms size, 45lbs, or slightly smaller. So if you like bigger dogs but don’t have much room, or just want easier travel, she’d be a great pick! $850


Violet: sweet, sweet, Violet. This girl! Lets start with the “negative”… I haven’t really been able to work with her on learning to sit when approaching a human. Why? because I’m never able to correct her, she just does it. Her favorite thing is to lay on the floor next to you with her head on your lap. She is just so calm it’s hard to believe she’s a puppy! She may not be perfect for the person wanting adventure and tons of play, but for the person who just wants a laid-back pup to cuddle and love; she’s your gal. $850
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