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Are you looking for a pet pigeon? Maybe you're interested but aren't sure buying a random bird from a racer with 100 birds is a good idea? You're in luck! I am a companion breeder with only four birds. I breed only on demand, so there are no unwanted birds. I socialize all baby birds, assess their temperaments at 7-8 weeks of age, and decide whether they'd make a good companion to a person or whether they'd be better suited living with other birds. As such, I have two wait-lists - one for companion birds and one for loft birds. (Loft birds could also live in your home as long as you are up for a challenge or just have another bird who needs company). And, I come with a promise. If you come to me looking for a bird but I can't serve your requests, I'm happy to pass along a list of ethical companion breeders so you can get the bird for you.

Companion birds are $25 + shipping + box. Local pickup also available to those in Maryland or nearby.

For more information, check out my website!



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