Egyptian Mau/Maine Coon Mix Cat for Adoption in Akron, Ohio


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Oct 30, 2019
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Egyptian Mau/Maine Coon
Anxiety needs a home (can be renamed)

Price/Brief explanation- We rescued Anxiety from a bad home a few weeks ago, we were told she is 10 months old. She doesnt pee everywhere, but she does have bad anxiety from the house we rescued her from. She came from a litter of 8 or 9 from my understanding. She only likes older male cats, as she is coming around to our male cat Bucky. She is not spayed but is flea free. We're asking for 40$ rehoming fee, to ensure she goes to a good home. The fee also includes some litter, a baggy of dry cat food and a large can of wet cat food, and a complimentary cat toy.

Breed- To our knowledge, she is an Egyptian Mau/Maine Coon mix.

Age- Around 10 months (Young)

What she comes with- Half a bag of litter, A baggy of dry cat food, A large can of wet cat food, and a complimentary cat toy.

Diet- She will not eat pate but does enjoy shreds. Right now we have her on a dry food morning throughout day and wet food for dinner. However she has been on a all dry food diet before and I'm sure would do good on it again (if you cant afford the dry to wet diet).

Cons- She likes to hide, because of her anxiety. Her food will have to be put infront of her and so will her water for the first few weeks but as long as you show her to her litter box she will go to it on her own.

Reason for rehoming- She doesnt like to associate with our female cats and is often too skittish to be around them.

Companionship/personality- Because of her abuse she likes to stay to herself. After having her for a few weeks, she has came around with more and more progress and I believe she has the potential to be a very loving companion.

More about the litter- A male we adopted from the litter also came with anxiety, but has came around a lot. He loves to play and lay down with you.

Others available from this litter- Tommy (a male) who comes with the above items listed is 50$. Sandy (a female) also comes with the above items listed and is 40$.

-please note that we are not aware she has seen a vet and due to low in funds we were not able to take her. All adoption fee funds go towards the animals solely. We are a local non-profit rescue team-

Follow us on Tik Tok: @ a.furbabies
Contact us directly: 330-432-4790
Sincerly, the Local Akron Furbaby Rescue Team (Nonprofit)
Hi I'm Anxiety:


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Mar 16, 2021
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That cat is not a Maine coon or a Mau whoever told you both breeds LIED to you. That is a DOMESTICATED SHORT HAIR. its neither breed has neither characteristics or markings, that's just a domesticated short hair
I have an Egyptian Mau fixed cat

I have worked with cats with rescue for 25 years also work as a vet tech.
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