Dunroven Farms in Newel, Iowa

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Dunroven Farms has been in existence for nearly 27 years now. We breed, raise and sell quality purebred Siamese and Balinese kittens. We are a large facility with 35 breeding queens, and always have litters available. We do breed Balinese for folks with allergies, and we have kittens, both Siamese and Balinese, in 27 different states across the United States. We use a service for transporting kittens to clients. The service never leaves our kittens alone, and is with them 24/7 from the time they pick them up at our door to the time they are dropped off at the client's door. We have experience in creating sweet tempered Siamese and Balinese and we welcome folks to visit by appointment. We are proud of our cats and love our babies. We're sure our clients will too! In fact, we hear almost daily from past buyers and receive pictures back, from babies who have been in their homes for many years. We feel blessed to know so many wonderful people.
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