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We currently have five available puppies :)

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Parents: Cutie & Koda

00 Cutie-&-Koda.jpg

Aurora is our cuddly little adventurer! She will make a wonderful family dog, and she has been bred and brought up around other dogs, cats, and children. She has cute and fluffy ears and her fur is so soft.

Current Age: 7 months old
Color/Markings: Brown/Creme with creme Husky Mask
Eye Color: Hazel
Current Weight: approx. 18 lbs
Personality: Playful/Adventurous

Parents: Charlie & Koda

02 Charlie-&-Koda.jpg

Luigi is our cute little parti-eyed fluffball! He's a playful little pup, but he's also been one of the shyer ones of the litter since he was born. When he's with his sister he's a little more adventurous, but he usually likes to stay a little closer to his mom, Charlie. He has cute and fluffy ears and his fur is so soft.... he is expected to look quite similar to his dad, Koda.

Current Age: 16 weeks
Color/Markings: Black/White/Tan with Partial Tan Husky Mask and Husky Eyebrows
Eye Color: Double Parti-Eyes (Blue and Brown)
Current Weight: approx. 8 lbs
Personality: Playful/Shy

Peach is our fluffy little ball of energy! She's always ready to play and go on adventures. She is often the one leading the way when her and her brother Luigi go play, and she loves to play tug-o-war. She's expected to look more like her dad, Koda, just a rather different color.

Current Age: 16
Color/Markings: Black/Tan with Partial Tan Husky Mask and a dark snout.
Eye Color: Double Brown Eyes
Current Weight: approx. 8 lbs
Personality: Adventurous/Playful

Parents: Aurora & Koda

05 Aurora-and-Koda.jpg

Carl is our adorable male merle. He and his little sister get in little tussles in the play pen, but they are pretty much always started by her ^_^ Carl is quite calm and sweet. Carl has this amazing looking eye marking on his left eye, it looks kinda like a fireball and is colored red/black/silver.

He comes with registration and is all up-to-date on his shots; microchipping is available upon request.
Current Age: 7 weeks
Color/Markings: White with Silver & Black Spots/ Fireball marking on his left eye
Eye Color: Double Blue Eyes
Current Weight: approx. 3 lbs
Personality: Playful/Shy

Ellie is our cute little female merle. She often seems to like starting the little tussles they have in their play pen ^_^ She is quite spirited, and she likes to pounce her brother and her mom. Ellie has such a serious look on her face and she is absolutely splotched with black spots all across her back!

Current Age: 7 weeks
Color/Markings: Red/White with Black Spots/ Red/White Husky Mask
Eye Color: Double Blue Eyes
Current Weight: approx. 3 lbs
Personality: Playful/Spirited

Pictures are listed in this order.... Parents, followed by puppies, Parents, followed by puppies, Parents followed by puppies

Here's a link to videos of our puppies

Delivery options are available to anywhere in the country that ranges from Free to no more than $400, that depend on where we are delivering.

We also take $500 deposits to reserve your puppy : )

Contact us with any questions, and check out our Facebook page for more adorable puppy pictures and follow us on Instagram : )


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