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Colombian Red Tail Boa
Michigan - MI
I am relocating across the country and am looking to sell my beautiful Red Tail Boa. This snake is EXTREMELY friendly/docile and has never bitten or attempted to bite a single person in the 5 years I have had it.

This Boa measures about 6 feet in length and 10.5" around at in largest point. He has never had a partial shed and always sheds perfectly overnight (eye caps and all!) and has immediately eaten the second he is presented with a meal. I have kept his conditions very clean and consistent- and as a result he is in great health with beautiful, vibrant scales and coloration.

I have not had this Boa officially sexed- and was told to sell it as a Male for this reason. Due to the size/length after 5 years of ownership, it is a pretty good assumption that this Red Tail is a male. He is a WONDERFULLY manageable size- while still retaining the appeal of having a large, heavy bodied snake to display and interact with.

I am also looking to sell the large glass Exo Terra display enclosure with all accessories included, but am willing to sell the snake separately if the buyer can prove they already have an adequate enclosure. The enclosure alone was around $275 dollars, as it is 24" X 35" to allow room to explore upwards and outwards. Also included would be a large water bowl, two under enclosure heating pads, zoo med timer outlet, reti-fogger (to maintain consistent humidity) , two wood hides, climbing branch, and an assortment of "shed" rocks for the snake to rub against that have been found on beaches over the years. The enclosure and accessories alone easily cost more than my asking price for both the snake AND enclosure/accessories combined. Approximately $500+spent on enclosure and accessories alone.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions, concerns, offers- and I would be happy to accommodate.

Red Tail Boa with ALL Accessories and Enclosure: $450

I am only willing to do pick-up or meeting for sale transaction. I do not feel comfortable shipping this reptile. Thanks for reading!


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