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Jun 6, 2021
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Black Mountain
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I am a certified rabbit breeder in the process of relocating to Black Mountain, NC. I raise English Angora Rabbits and currently have two parent bunnies- Scout, a Broken Black doe, and Sawyer, a Self Steel-Tipped grey buck. They are both super fun pets that love to play, get into mischief, and produce quality fiber that would be wonderful for a textile artist. All of my bunnies are bred to be loved but will also have the proper documentation if you decide to dip your toes into the world of showing. They are both litter trained and I begin the training process as soon as the bunnies are able to hop out of the nesting box. Scout had her first litter on 4/17/21, which is due to wean on 6/11/21. She will kindle three to four times a year. All of my bunnies come with pedigrees and are $150. I have never shipped a bunny, but I will look into it if someone is interested. Since I am frequently back and forth between Maryland and North Carolina, I can deliver to most locations in between. Occasionally, there will be a delivery fee if it is out of the way. Charlotte's Hive is a registered rabbitry of the ARBA and NARBC. You can contact me at (252)367-0903, through email @ [email protected] or look us up on my website- I post about my bunnies under the "buns" tab as well as other information about Charlotte's Hive farm. You can also follow Charlotte's Hive on facebook, or instagram and twitter under charlottethebee.


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Charlotte's Hive Rabbitry was posted on 06-06-2021 by Charlottethebee in the Breeders forum.

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