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January 15, 2021
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My girl recently gave birth to a litter of 4, my apartment has a strict policy for 2 dogs per household so I wont be able to keep them. Please contact me if you are interested in getting the puppy(or puppies) when they are 8 weeks old, you should expect a short video interview to ensure we find the right home for our puppies. Small rehoming fee applies to cover expense (we only feed the highest quality food.)

All the puppies (except for one) has been docked to the breed's standard by a licensed veterinarian professional, most vaccinations are carried over via breastfeeding and should be good for until the puppies are 3mos old.

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More about the parents/breed:
Both parents are highly intelligent as they are traditionally used as working dogs, they are both capable of walking off leash and performs tricks. Both parents are good with kids and apartment friendly (does not bark.)

Mom: Cairn Terrier, 12lbs (pure breed)
- Medium - long coat, low shedding.
- playful, affectionate, likes to cuddle (super warm in the winter), friendly to other dogs.
**High prey drive when she's in the mood.

Dad: Yorkshire Terrier, 8lbs (pure breed, high standard)
- Long silky coat, no shedding.
- endearing, adventurous, intelligent and friendly to humans and other dogs.
**Does not like to cuddle.

Carkie is a designer breed of Yorkshire terrier and Cairn terrier. Designer breeds (the mix of two pure breed) are said to be better breeds. Most veterinarians recommends a designer dog as they are often healthier and live longer than pure breeds. You are expecting an excellent companion with similar traits to the parents.
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